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Saturday, March 21, 2015 
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Clayton Fire Company will be hosting a Paint Nite Fundraiser on March 21, 2015 at the Clayton Fire Hall. The cost per ticket is $45. Doors open at 4pm and a variety of sandwiches, as well as, dumplings will be available for purchase for your dinner. Complimentary snacks will be provided throughout the event. There will also be a complimentary dessert social after everyone is done painting. A cash bar will be available the entire event.  No tickets will be sold at the door. There are only 150 tickets available so get yours while they last. Come and have your dinner, a few drinks and go home with your own beautiful masterpiece! Invite your family and friends and make a fun night of it while supporting the Clayton Fire Company! Thanks so much for your support!!!!

To register and purchase your tickets go to

Monday, January 26, 2015 
with the first significant snowfall approaching our area the Clayton Fire Company again reaches out to the public to help us so we can help you in the event of an emergency. We are asking anyone who lives close to a fire hydrant to help us by clearing snow away form the hydrant. By doing this you will help us in 1 locating the hydrants and 2 making it quicker for us to hook to the hydrant thus saving vital time. When clearing around the hydrant we ask that you clear approximately 3' all the way around the hydrant. This will give us plenty of room to do what we need to do. For those that take the time to help us we thank you for your support. Have a safe winter!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015 
Training is the key to a successful organization, the better trained you are the better service you can provide. The Clayton Fire Company has always been a leader in training it's members to the highest level of skills. Today 26 members went to Newark to take part in Combat Firefighting training held at fire station 8 in Newark. This class reviewed many aspects of firefighting, what to look for when arriving onscene and what it can tell you, how to prepare to fight a fire, as well as many other firefighting skills. The level of service ranged from members with 40 years of service to members with two months of service.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 
Wednesday morning at 06:51 Sta 45, Amb 64, KM6 and Trooper 4 were dispatched to an MVC vehicle vs train at 300 Main St.  Command 45 w/ DC Lucas arrived just behind BLS to find a single vehicle vs a Norfolk Southern freight train.  Rescue 45 w/5, Capt Davis, Engine 45-4 w/8, AC Hurlock and Brush 45 w/4, Capt Pridemore arrived and secured the vehicle along with checking for damage on the train.  EMS transported 2 patients to SCER one with half of KM6 on board.  Command placed the scene under control at 07:20.  Clayton had 26 members respond on the call.  Units responding Command 45, Rescue 45, Engine 45-4, Brush 45, Sta 45 Fire Police, Clayton PD, DELDOT, Norfolk Southern.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 
Tuesday afternoon at 17:13 Sta 45, Amb 64, KM6A & KM9A were dispatched for the MVC with a subject reported not alert at 2063 Blackistons Rd.  Command 45 w/ DC Lucas, Rescue 45 w/6 Capt Davis, Engine 45-4 w/8, Capt Sacco and Brush 45 w/5, FF D.J. Rogney arrived to find a single vehicle off the roadway.  EMS units were assigned patient care and obtained a patient refusal.  The scene was placed under control at 17:38.  Deputy Chief Lucas had the Blackistons Road Command.  All Clayton units were back in quarters at 1800.  Clayton had 46 members respond on the call.  Units responding Command 45, Rescue 45, Engine 45-4, Brush 45, B & C-64, KM6A, KM9A, Sta 45 Fire Police, DSP. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 
During the regular company meeting in January several members of the Citizens Hose Company including Chief Tate Coulbourne and Past Chiefs Greg Parsell and Brooks Keen made a presentation to the company to honor the recent dedication of the new building.  The presentation was an antique fire alarm call box to be placed in the new museum area of the fire company.  Chief Coulbourne and Past Chiefs Parsell & Keen spoke briefly and thanked the company for the support and the working relationship the two departments have shared through the years.  The call box was obtained by the Citizens Hose Company during the refurbishment of their antique pumper "Old Mom". During the January company meeting of the Citizens Hose Co. the membership voted to present the antique call box to our company.  The call box will fit nicely with the other items that are being put in the museum.  The officers and members of the Clayton fire Co. would  like to thank the Citizens Hose Co. for the gift. 

Chief Coulbourne
   Chief Coulbourne
Tuesday, January 13, 2015 
During the regular monthly meeting in January Firefighter Connor Mahoney was named member of the month for December 2014.  During the month of December Connor attended the following; 9 out of 17 fires, misc events 42, 3 uniform events, the company meeting for a total of 59 points for the month and 59 points for the year.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 
Tuesday morning at 06:54 the station was dispatched for the ladder and engine to assist Sta 44 Smyrna on a working house fire at 143 S. East St. in Smyrna.  Quint 45 w/6, AC Jeff Hurlock and engine 45-3 w/7 DC Mike Lucas arrived to find Smyrna units on scene a 2 1/2 story SFD with fire on the second floor with 2 lines in service.  Crews from both trucks went to work throwing ground ladders, assisted with primary and secondary searches and opening up for the engine crews.  The fire was quickly knocked down by the attack crews and a search of the dwelling came up negative. The fire was contained to a second floor bedroom.  The fire was placed under control at 0718.  The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 08:02.  Past Chief Brooks Keen had the 44 Command.  Clayton had 29 members respond on the call.  Units responding Engines 44-2, 44-3, 44-4, 45-3, Ladder 44, Quint 45, Rescue 44, Utility 44-8, Sta 44 & 45 Fire Police, Smyrna PD, Smyrna Electric, and representatives of the Town of Smyrna Building Inspection Department

Saturday, January 10, 2015 
Taking advantage of the recent cold weather the company held a Ice Water Rescue refresher for older members and taught new members the proper operation at ice water rescue incidents.  The class which was held at one of the retention ponds in our first due lasted about 3 hours.  The company had 30 members take part in the class.    

Monday, January 5, 2015 
Monday morning 03:57 the station along with Rescue Company 43 was dispatched for a house fire at 317 Bryn Ln in Timber Mills.  Responding units were advised the caller was reporting a burning odor on the second floor.  Command 45 w/DC Lucas arrived to find a 2 1/2 story SFD and established command.  Engine 45-3 w/6, AC Alex Carrow arrived took the first due engine assignment securing a water supply and stretching a handline.  Qunit 45 w/5 AC Jeff Hurlock arrived behind the engine took the first due Special Services.  Engine 43-2 had the second due engine assignment.  Engine 45-4 w/7, FF D.J. Rigney and Rescue 43 staged.  Crews check the residence and were unable to locate any issues.  Command placed the scene under control at 04:28.  All Clayton units were back in quarters at 04:53.  Clayton had 29 members respond on the call.  Units responding Command 45, Engines 45-3,45-4, 43-2, Quint 45, Rescue 43, Sta 45 Fire Police.  

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 
New Years Eve morning at 05:05 the station was alerted for the Ladder and Engine along with Tanker Company 51(Hartly) to assist Kent County Maryland Sta 2 Millington on Queen Anne Fire Box 6-6 for the house fire at 148 Jones Farm Ln.  in addition part of the first alarm was Queens Annes County Sta 6 (Sudlersville). Quint 45 w/5, Capt. Wes Davis and Engine 45-3 w/8, Deputy Chief Robert Davis arrived to find other first alarm companies on scene with 2 lines in service with heavy fire on the 3rd floor and venting out the 3rd floor windows. The crew from Quint 45 and Engine 45-3 raised ground ladders to the Alpha, Charlie & Delta sides and assisted attack crews on the second and third floor with fire attack and opening up. After a short time on scene command evacuated the building and went defensive when fire vented through the roof.  Command requested the tanker task force adding Tankers from Kent De Sta. 44 (Smyrna), Sta 56 (Marydel), Kent County MD. Sta 3 (Galena) & Sta 4 (Kennedyville), New Castle DE Sta. 26 (Townsend), Queen Annes Cty Sta. 7(Crumpton).  Once the bulk of the fire was knocked down units re-entered the structure to complete extinquishment.  Millington Captain 2 (Starkey) had the Command. The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 07:36.  Clayton had 24 members respond on the call.  Special thanks to Dover Engine 3 for covering our first due while we were on the call.        

Monday, December 29, 2014 
US Senator Tom Carper paid a special visit to Clayton on Monday morning to tour our new facility.  When he was unable to attend the dedication of our building on Saturday the senator still wanted to make sure he was able to tour our facility and congratulate the company on their accomplishment.  Spending a little over an hour the Senator was able to walk through the building and was escorted by Chief Robbie Johnson, Project Manager Ed Ide from i3a LLC., Assistant Chief Alex Carrow and several other members.  Also present was NBC Channel 10 News who also did a story for their local news about the senators visit.  The Officers & members would like to thank Senator Carper and his staff for taking the time to visit with us.   

Saturday, December 27, 2014 
Saturday afternoon under bright sunny sky's and temperatures around 60's the company held the formal dedication of our new building addition and restoration.  Approximately 200 people including our memebrship attended the event that included representatives from state and local government and other fire departments.  The dedication was the offical opening of the building which took about a year to build.  The officers and members of the company would like to thank everyone who attended.   The company had 67 members in attendance for the event.

Saturday, December 20, 2014 
During the Annual Appreciation Banquet held on December 20th Life Member and President Elect Robert Faulkner was honored for his 50 years of Service to the company.  Robert Joined the department in 1964 as a Junior Member.  He obtained his life membership after 15 years of active membership. In the past he has servied on several committee's and is completing his term as Secretery.  In 2015 Robert will be serving his first year as President of the company.  He becomes the 4th living 50 year member of company.  The officers and members of the company would like to congratulate Robert on milestone with the company.    

Connor Mahoney, DJ Correll &  Amber Johnson
   Connor Mahoney, DJ Correll & Amber
Saturday, December 20, 2014 
During the Annual Appreciation Banquet held on Saturday December 20th the company handed out several of its yearly awards. 

The Stephen Turner Memorial Award for Junior Fireman of the Year was awarded to David J. Correll.  During the year DJ attended the following: 123 fires, 13 fund raising events, 58 misc events, 14 drills, 3 uniform events, and 8 company meetings for a total of 244 points for the year.

The William R. "Ace" Carrow for Fireman of the Year was awarded to Amber Johnson. During the year Amber attended the following: 191 fires, 11 fund raising events, 104 misc events, 18 drills, 4 uniform events, and 8 company meetings for a total of 366 points for the year.

The Firefighter of the Year Award was award to Connor Mahoney. During the year Connor attended the following: 151 fires, 14 fund raising events, 116 misc events, 26 drills, 5 uniform events, and 12 company meetings for a total of 367 points for the year. 

Congratulations to DJ, Amber and Connor on their awards.


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