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Thursday, April 16, 2015 
Clayton Fire Company Member of the Month for March was JJ Burnett. President Faulkner presented JJ with his certificate of service during the April company meeting. JJ attended 11 alarms, 5 misc. functions, 3 drills, and 1 company meeting. JJ has amassed 141 points for the year. Please join with the Clayton Fire Company in thanking JJ for his service and dedication to the Clayton Fire Company.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 
During the April company meeting of the Clayton Fire Company President Robert Faulkner presented service awards to members who have achived years of serviec  milestones of alarm attendance milestones. President Faulkner presented 15 alarm attendace and 28 yeasrs of service awards to our members.

Alarm Attendance:

6000 Alarms-Past Chief William R. "Skip" Carrow

5000 Alarms-Past Chief Wes Davis and Past Presidnet Robert Lightcap

4000 Alarms-W. Stephen Hudson

3500 Alarms-Gary Everage, Past Chief James Johnson, and Chief Engineer Roland Timmons

3000 Alarms-Past President and Captain John Pridemore

1500 Alarms-Mike Harrington

1000 Alarms-Joe Jones and Kenny Rife

500 Alarms-Jack W. Davis, III, Director Cheryl Hurlock, Claude Porterfield, and Joe Rigney, Jr

Years of Service Awards:

70 Years of Service-Past Chief-Past President Robert Berghorn

50 Years of Service-Past Chief-Past Presiden Jim Cubbage, Jack Davis, and President Robert Faulkner

45 Years of Service-Past President Wally Hudson and Past President Steve Hudson

40 Years of Service-Bernard Bialecki, Mark Hudson, Director Jay Hurlock, and Past PResident Ron Ivory

35 Year of Service-Past Chief Wes Davis

30 Years of Service-Chuck Chase and Derrick Johnson

25 Years of Service-Past CHief Robbie Johnson

20 Year of Service-Leslie Pope

15 Years of Service Jason Durham

10 Years of Service-Brad Bowhall, Mike Carroll, Ashley Carrow, Dan Marshall, and Scott Rhoades

5 Years of Service-Beth Conrad, Tim Conrad, Dalton Rigney, Joe Rigney, Sharon Rigney, and Pam Wilson

The Clayton Fire Company would like to say Thank You for your servie and dedication to the citizens of the Clayton Fire District.

50 Years Members Jim Cubbage Jr., Jack Davis, Robert Faulkner with Sen. Bruce ennis and Rep. William Carson
   50 Years Members Jim Cubbage Jr., Jack
      Davis, Robert Faulkner with Sen. Bruce
      ennis and Rep. William Carson
L to R Senator Bruce Ennis, 40 Member Ron Ivory, Rep. Bill Carson, and 40 Year Member Jay Hurlock
   L to R Senator Bruce Ennis, 40 Member
      Ron Ivory, Rep. Bill Carson, and 40 Year
      Member Jay Hurlock
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 
During the April Company Meeting the company held its annual service awards.  One of those being recognized is Robert Berghorn for his 70 years of service to the company and community.  During the awards portion of the meeting several resolutions were presented to Bob from the General Assembly, Kent County Levy Court and the company.  Bob is a Life member, Past Chief and Past President of the company and was active many years on the Clayton Town Council.  The company sends their congratulations to Bob on his award and his years of service 

Rep william Carson, Sen Bruce Ennis, Levy Court President Brooks Banta and Bob Berghorn
   Rep william Carson, Sen Bruce Ennis,
      Levy Court President Brooks Banta and
      Bob Berghorn
Rep william Carson, Pres. Brooks Banta, Pres. robert Faulkner, Bob Berghorn, Sen Bruce Ennis
   Rep william Carson, Pres. Brooks Banta,
      Pres. robert Faulkner, Bob Berghorn, Sen
      Bruce Ennis
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 
Tuesday afternoon at 12:57 Sta 45 was alerted for the Ladder and Engine as part of the working fire upgrade for a house fire 110 Savannah Dr.north of Smyrna.  Quint 45 w/4, Capt Ray Johnson and Engine 45-3 w/6, A/C Alex Carrow arrived behind Smyrna's first engine and found the crew from 44-2 with a line in service on a 2 1/2 story SFD with fire on the second floor and attic.  The crew from Quint 45 went to work hooking the ceilings on the second floor for the attack crew and performed the primary search on the second floor.  The crew from from 45-3 split with half throwing ground ladders while the other half vented the roof.  Rescue 45 w/5, Firefighter Dave Ross also responded and assisted with variest tasks on the fire scene.  Attack crews made quick work of the fire containing it to a second floor bathroom and the attic.  The fire is under investigation by the Delaware State Fire Marshalls Office.  Lt. Eric Neeld (44-21) had the 44 command.  The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 14:22.  Engine 51-3 cover our first due while units were committed on the call.  Clayton had 28 members respond on the call.  Units responding Engine's 44-2, 44-3, 45-3, Ladder 44, Quint 45, Rescue's 44 & 45, Tanker 44, Tanker 26, Sta 44 & 45 Fire Police, NCCPD, FM-14 (Coulbourne), FM28 (Brode).   

Monday, April 13, 2015 
Please join with the members of the Clayton Fire Company in offering our prayers to the Valley Springs SD Fire Company after loosing one of they own in a house fire on April 12, 2015. Firefighter Ackerman died from injuries sustained while working interior fire operations at the scene of a residential structure fire. Ackerman was found in the basement of the home after fire crews were ordered out of the structure due to fire conditions. The 47-year-old homeowner, Mr. David Smith, had been rescued by fire crews and transported to the hospital soon after they arrived on-scene but did not survive his injuries. Investigation into the fatal incident continues by local and state authorities.

Thursday, April 9, 2015 
Please join with the Clayton Fire Company in offering Captain Doster and the Levittown Fire Department condolences. On February 25, 2015 Fire Police Captain Doster 95 years old and an 82 year member of the Edgely Fire Company complained of not feeling well while on the scene of a two-alarm warehouse fire in Hulmeville Borough, Pennsylvania. Doster was directing traffic on a bitterly cold evening with much of the main street of the borough closed for fire operations. Shortly thereafter, Doster departed for home. Within a few hours, Dosterís condition worsened and he was transported to the hospital for treatment. Subsequently, on April 2, 2015, Fire Police Captain Doster passed away at St. Maryís Medical Center on April 2, 2015.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 
On Monday April 6, 2015 the Clayton Fire Company conducted two training scenarios on how to rescue firefighters that may become trapped, disabled, or encounter another problem while fighting a fire in a structure. Using a house donated for training by Habitat for Humanity the fire company ran two different scenarios. The first was how to breech a wall to get into a structure and the second was how to rescue firefighters from a window. The training in addition covered items like how to property raise a ladder, how to stretch a hose line, and how to use hand tools carried on the equipment. Past Chief and current Asst. Chief Jeff Hurlock states "if you train like you work at a fire you become better because it becomes a natural action" This house has been used for other training such how how to cut a roof and conduct search and rescue operations.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 
Please join with the Clayton Fire Company in morning the deaths of a contract forest service employee and a firefighter for the National Forest Service. The pilot Brandon Ricks a contract pilot and firefighter Steve Cobb died of injuries sustained and one firefighter was seriously injured when their U.S. Forest Service helicopter crashed while monitoring a controlled burn of about 800 acres in the Desoto National Forest. Please keep their families and departments in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, March 30, 2015 
Please join with the Clayton Fire Company in offering our support for the family and fire company of Firefighter Horn. Firefighter Van Horn of the West End Hose Company #3 Somerville, NJ responded to a fire alarm call at 07:25 hours on March 25, 2015. After the call, he returned to his office to fill out the fire report of the incident (Firefighter Van Horn was also the municipal Fire Official). He felt ill and went home. Shortly thereafter, around noon, Firefighter Van Horn suffered a heart attack. He was transported by ambulance to Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center where he remained until his death on March 27, 2015.

Friday, March 27, 2015 
Please join with the Clayton Fire Company in morning the death of Cincinnati Fire Department fire apparatus Operator Gordon, who is assigned to Cincinnati Fire Departmentís Heavy Rescue 14, who died in the line of duty from injuries he sustained in a fall down an elevator shaft while working with fire crews to rescue the residents and extinguish a fire in a Madisonville neighborhood apartment building. Some of the residents were reported to have suffered smoke inhalation and one other firefighter was injured with second-degree burns in the fire. An investigation into the fatal incident continues by authorities. Please keep FF Gordon's family in your thought's and prayers.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 
On March 23rd the combined companies of Clayton and Smyrna trained together at the Delaware State Fire School on fire tactics related to high rise facilities. Both companies have worked together on many fires over the years so it just makes sense to train together. Citizen's Hose of Smyrna provided a ladder and an engine and Clayton provided an engine and a rescue. The members trained on search and rescue, locating and fighting a fire, and well as laddering a structure. Many of the same principles taught are used in other fire fighting related activies. This classs is part of a 4 class series that is taking place over several weeks.

Monday, March 23, 2015 
Several years ago to promote fellowship the past chief's of the Citizen's Hose Company of Smyrna and the Clayton Fire Company got together to discuss issues and break bread together. A few years ago the association was expanded to include the past presidents of both companies. On Sunday March 22nd the group met at Sheridan's in Smyrna to discuss issues that related to the fire service and may affect our companies. Some of the items discussed were the DVFA, new things happening with each company and any new business. The association decided to sponsor a trophy at the 2016 St. Patrick's Day parade in Smyrna and voted to include Clayton Fire Company Life Member and currant director of the Delaware Emergency Management Agency Jamie Turner as a Honorary Member. The meeting was lead by the association president past president Chris Hudson of the Citizen's Hose Company. Over thirty members were present making this the largest gathering since the association was organized many years ago.

Monday, March 16, 2015 
While working at the scene of a structure fire on March 7, 2015, Firefighter Shoup of the Ashland Volunteer Fire Company Ashland, MS complained to other firefighters that he wasnít feeling well and departed for home. Several hours after returning home, Shoup was taken by his wife to the hospital where he was treated for a heart attack and his condition stabilized. Subsequently, Firefighter Shoup was transferred to a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, where he succumbed to his injury on March 15, 2015. Please join the members of the Clayton Fire Company and pray for FF Shoup's family and the Ashland Volunteer Fire Company

Sunday, March 15, 2015 
Members of the Clayton Fire Company particapted today Sunday March 15 in the annual Smyrna Clayton 4th of July Committee parade in Smyrna. Just a fun parade to bring our community closer together. Thanks goes out to the committee for putting this together.

Sunday, March 15, 2015 
The Clayton Fire Company would like to pay our condolances to the Hojnicki family of Minquindale. Joe was a past president of the DFVA in 1996-97 and served in may offices in his company Station 22 Minquindale. We were informed that Joe died this morning. Joe's family is very active in the fire service and we ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers. We also ask that you leep Joe's other fire service family Station 22 in your thoughts and prayers.

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