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Monday, March 14, 2016 
The Clayton Fire Company will be celebrating it's 125th Anniversary in May of this year. The company has a week long of events for its members with a cou0ple events for the public. One of those events is a Antique Apparatus display and contest to be help on May 7th at the First State Military Academy at 355 W. Duck Creek Rd in Clayton. The event is open to the public. It begins at 10am and ends at 3pm. The event will have fire apparatus both old and new, games for the kids, food music and many more items. The only charge will be those wishing food where vendors will be on hand selling food. The Antique Apparatus Contest will begin at 11am and is open to both Fire Company and Private Own equipment. All questions for this event should be directed towards Alex Carrow at 302-632-0700. Below is information on the event with trophies listed. Attached is a registration form for the event.

Saturday, April 30, 2016 
It's a busy day for the volunteers of Clayton. Not only is the company taking part in the 3rd Annual Ambulance 64 Touch a Truck event from 10am until 3pm. But while that is going on Engine 45-4 is covering Station 56 Marydel while their members and fire company's from around the area celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Marydel Fire Company. Marydel will be holding a parade at 2pm followed by other events after the parade. The engine will be covering Marydel along with Indian River Engine 80-3 until about midnight tonight. Rescue 45 will also be talking part in this afternoons parade. Also starting at 3pm the company will be helping the ladies auxiliary with a large hall rental event til around 11pm. Rest assure that while all this is going on there will still be members ready to respond if a call comes in to protect our citizens. While on the cover up the crew form 45-4 have already responded on a assist to Sta 51 Hartly with an MVC with a vehicle reported overturned and possible entrapment. Both 45-4 and the Engine from 80 were cancelled as there were going on scene.

Saturday, April 30, 2016 
Quint 45 is joining equipment from several other area fire companies and agencies in taking part in the 3rd Annual American Legion Ambulance 64 Touch a Truck event. This annual event give the public a chance to get up close and personal with trucks and vehicles everyday but might not be able to look inside or sit on or see what is carried on these vehicles. This event is a large fund raiser for the ambulance service. The vehicles are located at the Providence Creek Academy at 273 W. Duck Creek Rd. in Clayton and will be there until 3pm. Assistant Chief John Pridemore and Firefighter Joey Rigney are showing the truck today.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 
Tuesday afternoon at 12:56 the station was alerted for a woods fire at 860 Sawmill Rd. Command 45 w/ Captain Alex Carrow, Brush 45 w/4, Crew Leader Jonathan Burnett, Engine 45-4 w/5, Captain Wes Davis and Engine 45-3 w/4, Firefighter Ryan Owens arrived to find a large area of woods on fire and spreading rapidly due to dry conditions and high winds. The fire ended up going to several alarms and brought over 100 firefighters from approximately 20 fire companies and the Forestry Department to bring it under control. Utilty 45 w/8 also responded to the scene several times with manpower while Quint 45 w/3, Past Chief Hurlock set up a fill site for trucks to shuttle water to the scene until a draft was established. The fire burnt approximately 10 acres before being contained. The fire was placed under control at 3:47pm. Captain Carrow had the Sawmill Rd Command. Clayton had 43 members respond to the call. Units Responding; Command 45, Engines- 45-3, 45-4, 44-4, 43-4, 53-4, 54-2, 56-1, E-40, 41-1, KCMD E-3, KCMD E-6, CCMD 606, Brush Trucks: 45-1, 44-0, 43-0, 51-0, 51-9, 53-0, 54-0, 46-9, 56-0, Brush 40, Brush 41, 55-0, 26-0, 27-1, 24-0, 29-0, KCMD B-2, KCMD B-3, QACM B-7, Tankers- T-44, T-26, T-51, KCMD T-3, KCMD T-2, KCMD T-6, QACM T-7, Special Units Ranger 44, Argo 29, Gator 53, Gator 54, 46-1, U-45, 44-8, 53-8, KCMD U-3, Rehab 51, Kent County Command Post, Kent County Public Safety, Ladders; Q-45, EMS Units; B-26, B-51, A,B&C 64, KM6, KM9A,Other Agencies: DSP Trooper 4 (for aerial recon), Delaware Forestry Service (Brush unit and 2 Bull Dozers from Blackbird Forest & Redden State Forest and manpower), Engine 24-3, Brush 1-0 Covered Station 45, Numerous other cover ups to mutual aid companies. The Clayton Fire Company would like to thank all the companies that assisted or provided cover ups for the alarm. Photo's courtesy Mike Carroll Sta 45, Jerry Hull Sta. 44 & Nevin Steffy KCMD Sta 6.

Past Chief Cubbage
   Past Chief Cubbage
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 
Our own Past Chief and Past President James L. Cubbage Jr. was recognized this week when he received the International Association of Arson Investigators Distinguished Service Award. Jim was one of the founding members of the Delaware Chapter of IAAI back in the 70's. He was Deputy Fire Marshal for the State of Delaware for numerous years. The officers and members of the company would like to congratulate Jim on his award.

Donnie Shaner
   Donnie Shaner
Wednesday, April 20, 2016 
The officers and members of the Clayton Fire Company joins the Smyrna-Clayton area in mourning the passing of member Donald Shaner who passed away on Monday April 18 surrounded by his family. Donnie as he was known by so many was very active in the Smyrna Clayton communities especially his time as coach of the Smyrna High School Girls Varsity Softball Team for many years. He and his wife Cathy were also owners of the Main Street Market in Smyrna. Donnie leaves behind many family and friends who join the Shaner Family in sharing the many memories they have of Donnie. *****************Updated On Services************ Visitation for Donnie Shaner will be Sunday May 1 from 10:00am until 1:00pm at Faries Funeral Home 29 S. Main St. in Smyrna. His service's will follow immediately after at 1:00pm also at Faries.

Donnie Shaner Obituary
Sunday, April 17, 2016 
Sunday evening at 7:52pm Station 45 and Ambulance 64 were dispatched to a MVC involving a motorcycle at Wheatley's Pond Rd/ & N. Carter Rd. Command 45 w/ Capt. Ray Johnson and A-64 arrived together. The ambulance crew began patient care while the Captain established Command. Rescue 45 w/8, Capt. Alex Carrow arrived behind the Captain and assisted with patient care and secured the motorcycle. Engine 45-4 w/7, Crew Leader Jack Davis responded but was cancelled enroute. One patient was transported to Smyrna/Clayton ER with minor injuries. Units responding: Clayton had 32 members respond on this call. Command 45, Rescue 45, Engine 45-4, A-64, Sta 45 Fire Police, CPD, DSP. Photo's courtesy Joe Jones Sta 45. This call was the 5th call for the volunteers at Clayton since midnight Friday night. Those calls included a Nature Unknown Friday Night, 2 structure fires, a assist to EMS and the MVC.

Francis Zeigler
   Francis Zeigler
Thursday, April 14, 2016 
The Clayton Fire Company is joining the Ladies Auxiliary of the Clayton Fire Company in mourning the passing of Charter Life Member Francis Zeigler. Mrs. Zeigler passed away on Thursday April 14 at her home surrounded by her family, she was 95 years old. She was a member of several organization beyond the Clayton Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary. She worked for Ballanca Aircraft Corp. during World War II, she also worked 22 years for the Smyrna School District as the cafeteria manager at JBM. She was also a member of the Ewell St. Paul Church in Clayton and volunteered at Kent General Hospital in Dover. She was proceeded in death by her husband Joseph, two grandchildren John Shetzler and Abigail Shetzler and "Mother" Francis Lena Curry. She was survived by three daughters Eunice Craig, Susan Shetzler, Janet Brown one son Joseph Zeigler and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. Services will be held on Tuesday April 19 with a viewing from 10am to 12pm, her funeral service will begin at 12pm at Faries Funeral Chapel in Smyrna. Burial will be at Odd Fellows Cemetery in Camden. Donations can be made to the Ladies Auxiliary of the Clayton Fire Company, Ewell St. Paul Church in Clayton and the Smyrna School District in Smyrna all in her name. The Officers and Members of the company would like to extend our sympathy to the Zeigler Family and all her friends.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 
Wednesday evening just before midnight at 10:51pm Station 45 and Ambulance 64 were dispatched for a MVC with injuries in the 1800 Block of Blackbird Forest Rd. Command 45 w/Chief Carrow arrived found a vehicle off the roadway with 2 injuries. Ambulances A & D 64 arrived behind the chief and began patient care. Rescue 45 w/5, Captain Alex Carrow and Engine 45-4 w/7 arrived behind the EMS units and secured the vehicles. Brush 45 w/3, Past Chief Jeff Lightcap also responded but were cancelled enroute. Both patients were transported to KGH by A&D 64 with minor injuries. Units responding Command 45, Rescue 45, Engine 45-4, Brush 45, A&D 64, DSP. Photo's courtesy Mike Carroll Sta 45 and Jerry Hull Sta 44.

Left to Right Asst Chief Johnson, MOM Jim Cubbage, President Robert Faulkner
   Left to Right Asst Chief Johnson, MOM
      Jim Cubbage, President Robert Faulkner
Wednesday, April 13, 2016 
During the April company meeting past chief and current Treasurer Jim Cubbage was named the March Clayton Fire Company Member of the Month. During the Month of March Jim attended 5 alarms, 2 uniformed functions, 1 company meeting, and attended 15 misc functions. Jim as amassed 91 points for the year. Please join with us in congratulating Jim on his award.

Quint 45 and QAC Quint 6 providing crossed padders in Hartly for the King funeral.
   Quint 45 and QAC Quint 6 providing
      crossed padders in Hartly for the King
Saturday, April 9, 2016 
Friday night during a view and Saturday at the Funeral for Past Chief and Past President Frank King from Sta. 51 the company paid respect after he passed away last Saturday. Not only did Past Chief King hold many offices in his own company through the years but was also very active in the Kent County Firefighters Association and The DVFA having severed as President of both groups. Through his career in his department Chief King received many awards and recognition's. The Officers and Members of the Clayton Fire Company would like to extend their sympathy and prayers to the members of the Hartly Fire Co and the King family during this difficult time.

Thursday, April 7, 2016 
Thursday evening just prior to dinner Station 45 and Ambulance 64 were dispatched for the MVC with unknown injuries. Just prior to the arrival of fire units Past Chief Lightcap in his POV arrived and reported entrapment this added KM6 to the response. Command 45 w/ Assistant Chief John Pridemore arrived and established Command. Rescue 45 w/6, Lt. Craig Snyder and went to work stabilizing the vehicle and began extrication. Engien 45-4 w/6, Capt. Ray Johnson arrived and assisted the crew from Rescue 45 and secured the second vehicle, Brush 45 w/4, Firefighter Kevin Crews arrived behind the engine and held their crew. Extrication was completed with a door pop in about 5 minutes and the male patient was transported to KGH by Ambulance 64 with one medic from KM6 on board. Command placed the scene under control. and returned station 45 units. Clayton had 28 members respond on the call. Units responding Command 45, Rescue 45, Engine 45-4, Brush 45, A-64, KM6, Sta. 45 Fire Police, DSP. Photo's courtesy Jeff Lightcap Sta 45. Shortly after the MVC as a storm was going through the area the station was dispatched for an electrical hazard on Commerce St in Kenton. Engine 45-4 w/5, Crew Leader Jonathan Burnett responded and found a cable tv wire down.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 
Wednesday evening just prior to dinner at 5:32pm Station 45, Ladder Company and Rescue Station 44, Station 51 for the RIT, Ambulance 64 and KM6 were dispatched for the worker structure fire at 100 S Bassett St. The location was the home of Henry's Custom Woodworks. Command 45 w/Chief Skip Carrow arrived within a minute and reported a 40' by 80" one story commercial with heavy smoke showing and fire visible on the Charlie and Delta sides and established command. Engine 45-3 w/5 Lt. Craig Snyder arrived behind the chief and established the water supply and stretched a line to the Delta side. Quint 45 w/5 Capt. Frank Sacco arrived behind the engine and forced entry on the delta side for the engine crew and began the primary search and opening up. Ladder 44 w/Lt. Tyler Torres arrived behind Quint 45 and was assigned to ventilate the roof while Engine 45-4 w/6 Past Chief Jeff Hurlock picked up 45-3's supply line and stretched an attack line to the Alpha side. Engine 44-3 w/ Chief Brian Jarrell, Rescue 44 w/Assist. Chief Dave Neeld and Rescue 45 W/7 Firefighter Dave Ross all arrived within a few minutes stage and sent their crews to the command post. Engine 44-3 and Rescue 45 crews placed back up lines in service. Engine 51-2 split their crew half handling the RIT and the other half assisting with fire attack. Command requested the cover up engine form Station 2 Millington that was enroute to the station to respond to the scene for additional manpower and it was replaced with an engine out of Station 26 Townsend. EMS units established a rehab area at the scene. Crews had the fire controlled in about 30 minutes and spent the rest of the time completing overhaul. The Delaware State Fire Marshal was on scene and investigating. The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 7:35pm. There were no injuries. Clayton had 54 members respond on the call. Units responding Command 45, Engines 45-3, 45-4, 44-3, 51-3, KCM E-2, Quint 45, Ladder 44, Rescue 45, Rescue 44,A&B-64, KM6, FM 28(Brode, Sta 45 & 44 Fire Police, Clayton PD, Chesapeake Utilities and Town of Clayton Public Works. Photo's courtesy Joe Jones Sta 45 & Jerry Hull Sta 44.

Saturday, April 2, 2016 
Saturday night the area received a crazy storm with Lightning, heavy rains, hail and high winds. During the storm the company responded to 3 alarms around midnight. The first call came in just before midnight for the engine to cover station 24 Odessa MOT along with other area stations were working a single family dwelling in Grandview Farms. Units found fire on several floors. Engine 45-4 w/5 Deputy Chief Robert Davis made the response and stood by until after 2am. While the engine was at Odessa the station was dispatched at 12:16am for an electrical hazard in the 900 block of Longridge Rd. Rescue 45 w/5 Past Chef Lightcap made the response and arrived to find a tree, telephone pole and wires down across the roadway from the high winds. Rescue 45 and station 45 fire police stood by until the arrival of DP&L and DELDOT. Past Chief Lightcap had the Longridge Rd Command. The rescue was back in quarters a little after 1am. Finally at 01:26 the station along with Ambulance 64 were dispatched for a MVC with unknown injuries on Harvey Straughtn Rd. With a crew still in the station Rescue 45 w/5, Past Chief Jeff Lightcapt and Command 45 w/Chief Carrow made the response in minutes. Just prior to arrival units were advised DP was on scene reporting entrapment. This added ALS to the call. Command 45 arrived to find a single vehicle MVC vehicle into a tree and established command. Engine 45-3 w/3 Assistant Chief Robbie Johnson also made the response. Crews went to work stabilizing the vehicle and made access to the patient. The patient was extricated in about 10 minutes after arrival. The patient was transported to KGH by C-64 with half of KM6 on board. Chief Carrow had the Harvey Straughn Road Command. Clayton had 21 members respond to each call. Units responding Command 45, Rescue 45, Engine 45-3, A & C-64, KM6, Station 45 Fire Police, DSP. Photos courtesy Joe Jones and Mike Carroll Sta 45.

Friday, April 1, 2016 
Friday afternoon shortly after 3pm Station 45 for the engine and Station 44 for the Ladder Company and Tanker to assist Station 26 on a house fire Gears Corner Rd. Engine 45-3 w/5, Deputy Chief Robert Davis arrived to find Townsend, Middletown and Odessa units on scene with 2 lines stretched with fire throughout a one story single family dwelling. The crew from 45-3 went to work assisting with fire attack and overhaul. The fire was quickly knocked down by crews on scene. Damage was extensive to the residence. Firefighter Jeff Lightcap from Station 26 had the Gears Corner Road Command. The Delaware State Fire Marshals Office is investigating. Units responding: Engines 26-2, 26-3, 27-5, 24-3, 45-3, 44-3, KCM E-2, Tower 27, Ladder 44, Rescue 24, Tanker 26, Tanker 44, several EMS units, FM2 (Chionchio. Photo's courtesy Nevin Steffy Sta 3 Galena.

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