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Monday, January 28, 2013 
As was discussed at the orientation class at the beginning of January the company has updated it's apparatus assignments for our first due area.  All firefighters are to make their self familiar with the duties of each apparatus at a structure fire.  Attached are the assignments for each truck. Remember policy for first due engine on all called in structure fires in our first due is to secure a water supply and stretch an attack line to A side, lines are to left dry unless advised otherwise by comanding officer.   Should you have any questions please contact Chief Johnson. 

Friday, January 25, 2013 
The end of the work week brought a busy Friday afternoon for the volunteers at Clayton.  The first call came in at 13:00 for a outside fire at Millington Rd & Slow & Easy Dr.  Command 45 w/A/C Lucas, Brush 45 w/4 Capt. Carrow and Engine 45-4 w/8 arrived to find a unreported control burning. 

As snow started to fall on the area the station along with Tanker Co. Sta 2 Millington were dispatched for the residental structural fire at 1281 Longridge Rd.  Units arrived to find a chimney fire.  Crews quickly checked for extension.  Units responding Command 45 w/A/C Lucas, Engine 45-3 w/7, Capt. Carrow, Quint 45 w/5, Capt. Harrington, Rescue 45 w/8, Lt. Conrad, KCM Tanker 2, KCM Engine 2.

The last call for the day came in at 17:06 for a residental fire alarm at 299 E. Radison Run in Huntington Mills.  Command 45 w/A/C Lucas and Engine 45-3 w/7, Capt. Carrow arrived to find a malfunctioning alarm.  

For the week the station has responded to 11 alarms including a fatal MVC, several AFA, several outside fires, 2 structure fires and an assist on a house fire.    

Photo's courtesy of Mike Mareno

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 
Tuesday morning at 09:30 station 45 was dispatched for the ladder company assist station 26 on the upgrade for a residential fire 6219 Summit Bridge Rd. Quint 45 w/5, A/C Lucas quickly hit the street followed by Engine 45-3 w/6, Capt Carrow. Quint 45 arrived to find Townsend, Middletown and Odessa units with a couple line in service for a fire in the basement of the residence.   Engine 45-3 was re-directed to cover Station 26. The crew from Quint 45 established RIT until the scene was placed under control and then assisted with overhaul. Firefighter Lightcap from Station 26 had the Summit Bridge Rod Command. The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 12:10. Clayton had 23 members respond on the call. Stations on scene Townsend, Middletown, Odessa, New Castle EMS, Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office. 

Later in the day at 12:42 the station also responded to a AFA in a residence at 230 Buresch Dr. Engine 45-3 w/5, A/C Lucas was advised when they went responding that the alarm company wanted to cancel, the officer reduced the assignment to 45-3. The engine arrived and found a small fire in the basement of the residence that had been extinguished by the owner. The crew from 45-3 checked for extension and completed PPV. A/C Lucas had Buresch Drive Command. Units were back in quarters at 13:20. Clayton had 26 members respond on that call.   

Monday, January 21, 2013 
Monday evening at 23:26 the station along with ambulance 64 were dispatched for the MVC at 5361 MIlington Rd. Responding units were advised the caller was reporting an accident with unknown injuries. Just prior to arrival Kent Center advised Clayton PD was on scene with a vehicle off the roadway fully involved. Command 45 w/Chief Johnson arrived moments later confirmed the reports and established command.   Rescue 45 w/5, D/C Davis, Engine 45-4 w/8, Lt. Chambers and Brush 45 w/2 Past Chief Lightcap arrived behind the chief the crew from Rescue 45 placed the bumper line off the rescue in service. Engine 4 supplied the rescue with water and assisted the crew from the rescue. Crews made quick work of the fire but once the fire was knocked down located the lone occupant deceased in the vehicle. Command placed the scene under control at 00:01. The rescue remained on scene for several hours to assist the police with lighting and extricating the victim from the vehicle once the investigation was completed. Chief Johnson had the Milington Road Command. The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 01:44. Clayton had 18 members respond on the call. Units responding Command 45, Rescue 45, Engine 45-4, Brush 45, Sta 45 Fire Police, CPD, DSP, DELDOT

Monday, January 14, 2013 
A mid afternoon accident sent one subject to the local hospital.  At 14:36 Sta 45 and Ambulance 64 were dispatched for the MVC at 1386 Alley Mill Rd.  Command 45 w/ A/C Hurlock arrived at 14:53 to find a single vehicle into a tree with the occupant still in the vheicle.  Chief Hurlock established Alley Mill Road Command.  Rescue 45 w/6, Capt. Harrington, Engine 45-4 w/7, A/C Lucas and Brush 45 w/3, Past Chief Carrow arrived and began patient care and assisted with packaging the patient.  EMS crews on scene requested ALS- KM6B, KM9 and Trooper 4 were dispatched.  The patient was transported to KGH via B-64 w/KM6B.  Command placed the scene under control at 15:03.  The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 15:12.  Clayton had 27 members respond to the call.  Units responding Command 45, Rescue 45, Engine 45-4, Brush 45, B-64, KM6B, KM9, Trooper 4, Sta 45 Fire Police, DSP, CPD

Friday, January 11, 2013 
Friday morning at 5:09 the station was dispatched for the Ladder Company Assist Sta 44 on the house fire at 196 Shorty Ln in the Smyrna Landing section of Smyrna.  Quint 45 w/6, A/C Lucas and Engine 45-3 w/8, Lt. Chambers arrived to find Smyrna units with several lines in service on a fire in a SFD.  Crews assisted with overhaul and ventilation.  Chief Hankins had the command.  The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 05:59.  Clayton had 28 members respond on the call.  The fire is under investigation by the Delaware State Fire Marshals office.  Units responding Engine 44-2, 44-3, 45-3, Rescue 44, Tanker 44, Quint 45, A-64, FM-13 (Schad).

Ladder Company Assist
    Ladder Company Assist
Thursday, January 10, 2013 
Thursday afternoon at 13:45 the station was dispatched for an engine to assist Sta 44 Smyrna on a working barn fire at 4232 Woodland Beach Rd. Engine 45-3 w/8, Lt. Conrad arrived at 13:57 to find Smyrna, Leipsic and Middletown units with several lines in service on a large barn. The crew from 45-3 assisted with overhaul while the engine shuttled water to the scene. Engine 3 was back in quarters at 15:30. Capt. Rutledge (44-19) had command. The station had an additional crew in the station during the alarm. Clayton had 24 members respond on the call. Units responding; Engines 44-2, 44-3, 44-4, 53-5, 27-5, 45-3, Tankers 44, 53, 26, Rescue 44, A-64, FM-28 (Brode), FM-14 (Coulbourne).  Photo's courtesy Mike Mareno.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
During the regular company meeting in January Vice President Shaner and Chief Johnson named Firefighter Noah Williams as memebr of the month for December 2012.  During the month Noah responded to the following; 15 out of 22 fire calls, 4 fund raiser events, 2 misc events, the company meeting for a total of 20 points for the month of December and 20 points for the point year.  The officers and members would like to congratulate Noah on his award.

Sunday, January 6, 2013 
Sunday morning Jan 6th after the area received a light dusting of snow over night the station was alerted to back to back MVC’s. The first occurred at 0841 for a MVC with a subject not alert Longridge Rd & Buresch Dr. Command 45 w/2, A/C Hurlock, Rescue 45 w/8, A/C Lucas, Engine 45-4 w/7, Capt. Carrow and Brush 45 w/5, Lt. Chambers arrived to find a single vehicle off the roadway into some trees. EMS Crews treated the patient and transported to KGH. Chief Hurlock had the Longridge Road Command. Units responding Command 45, Rescue 45, 45-4, Brush 45, B-64, KM6B, KM5, KM9, Trooper 4. Units were back in quarters from this alarm at 09:22. As soon as crews were taking their gear off from the first alarm the station was dispatched at 09:23 for another MVC with a rollover at 1161 Clayton Delaney Rd. Crews hit the street in less than a minute. Command 45 w/2, A/C Hurlock, Rescue 45 w/8, A/C Lucas, Engine 45-4 w/8, Capt. Carrow and Brush 45 w/5, Lt. Chambers arrived to find a single vehicle off the roadway. EMS crews treated the patient on scene before she refused transport to the ER. Chief Hurlock had the Clayton Delaney Command. Units responding Command 45, Rescue 45, Engine 45-4, Brush 45, A-64, KM6, Trooper 4. The last unit was back in quarters at 10:11,  

Longridge Road
    Longridge Road
Longridge Road
    Longridge Road
Saturday, January 5, 2013 
For the second day in a row the station went to New Castle County for a working fire. On Saturday Jan 5th at 12:33 Sta 45 for the RIT and Sta 44 for the ladder company were dispatched to assist Sta 26 Townsend on a working house fire with subjects reported trapped at 45 Cole Rd in Meadow Vista. With the engine and quint out training in the district they both made the response in a minute, the rescue responded from the station. Rescue 45 w/7, Capt Harrington, Quint 45 w/5, D/C Davis and Engine 45-3 w/7, Capt Carrow arrived to find Townsend, Middletown and Odessa units with several lines in service on a single family dwelling. Crews made quick work of the fire and searches came back negative. The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 13:45. Clayton had 33 members respond on the call. Chief Eide had the Townsend Command. Companies responding (26) Townsend, (1&27) Volunteer Hose Co. of Middletown, (4&24) Odessa Fire Co., (3) Galena, (44) Citizens Hose Co. of Smyrna, (45) Clayton, NCC EMS.

RIT Team ready
    RIT Team ready
Friday, January 4, 2013 
Friday afternoon at 14:26 Sta 45 was dispatched for the RIT assist NCC Sta 26 on the building fire 201 Main St in Townsend. with a crew in the station Rescue 45w/6, D/C Davis was on the street in a minute.  Rescue 45 arrived to find Townsend, Middletown, Odessa & Port Penn units with several handlines in service on a 2 story multi family dwelling with fire on both floors.  The crew from Rescue 45 set up RIT on Side A after completing a size up of the building.  Within minutes the crew was placed in service for fire attack.  Command requested additional resources including an additional engine from Sta 45.  Engine 45-3 w/8, A/C Lucas also made the response.  Engine 45-3 was assigned to pick up the hydrant west of the scene to supply 27's engine on side A.  Crews worked for sometime to bring the fire under control.  Several firefighters recieved minor injuries with one being transported to CER.  The Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office in investigating.  Past Chief Wallace from Sta 26 had the Townsend Command.  The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 17:14.  Clayton had an additional crew in the station during the alarm.  Clayton had 33 members respond to the call.  Stations responding NCC Sta 26, 1&27, 4&24, 29, 15, NCC paramedics, KC Sta 45, 44, 43, KM6, Cecil Cty Md Sta 1, 9.  For additional pictures go to Volunteer Hose web site at the below link.

Monday, December 24, 2012 
With a steady drizzle falling the whole time and temperatures in the upper 30’s again this year the members of the fire company brought Santa to the children of Clayton. As they have done since the mid 1960’s Santa was escorted around town on board one of the Clayton Fire Apparatus. Starting at 5:30 from the firehouse 30 members assisted Santa in visiting every street within the town limits of Clayton and handed out approximately 1,400 candy treats to the kids. After finishing Santa than went on his merry way seeing that all the kids around the world had a visit by him. From the officers and members of the Clayton Fire Company we would like to wish everyone safe and Happy Holiday

Saturday, December 22, 2012 
Saturday morning at 04:01 the station was dispatched for an engine to cover Kent County Maryland Sta 2 Milington.  Engine 45-4 w/7, Capt Jones made the response.  While enroute the engine was requested into the fire scene at 200 Hardwood Mills Ln to assist with a large pile of mulch on fire.  Engine 45-4 arrived to find Milington, Sudlersville, Crumpton, Galena, and Chestertown units with several lines and a elevated master stream in service on the fire.  The manpower from 45-4 assisted with handlines in extinquishing pockets of fire.  Engine 45-4 was back in quarters at 07:25.  Clayton Had 25 members respond on the call. Units responding; Kent County Md. Special Unit 2, Brush 2, Engine 2, Rescue 2, Tanker 2, Ambulance 2, Tanker 3, Engine 3, Tanker 6, Queen Annes County; Engine 6-5, Quint6, Tanker 6, Engine 7-1, Brush 7, Kent County De. Engine 45-4, Rescue 44.  Milington Assistant Chief Morales had the Hardwood Mils Command.  Photo's courtesy Nevin Steffy.  

Sunday, December 16, 2012 
The company held its annual kids Christmas Party on Sunday Dec 16th at the station. Kids had the chance to play several games, make crafts, went on a hay ride while singing Christmas songs. But the biggest event of the night was a visit by Santa himself. Everyone had a very enjoyable time.      

Saturday, December 15, 2012
During the Annual Appreciation Banquet Chief Johnson awarded the 2012 Stephen Turner Memorial Award for Junior Firefighter of the Year Award to Joshua Klingler. During the year Firefighter Klinger attended the following; 150 Alarms, 37 Fund raising Events, 70 Misc Points, 27 in service drills, 14 uniform events, 10 company meetings for a total of 359 points. Congratulations to Firefighter Klingler on his award.


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