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Sunday, October 28, 2012
Hurricane Sandy is expected to start affecting our area by Sunday night with the worst to hit around mid-day Monday into Tuesday.  Our station will be staffed with personnel starting at 6:00am Monday morning and will remain staffed through the storm.  Forecasters are calling for historic conditions with this storm. This is a VERY SERIOUS STORM. All citizens should take actions immediately to prepare their family for this storm.  Evacuation shelters for Kent County are in this order Milford Middle School, Dover High School and Smyrna Middle School, Smyrna Middle School will only be used if needed. The Smyrna Middle School in located at 700 Duck Creek Pkwy in Smyrna.  No pets are allowed at this shelter.  You are asked to bring necessities and your medication if you go to a shelter.  Citizens are asked to only call 911 in the event of a real emergency.  Questions about evacuating or other storm related questions should be directed to the Kent County Emergency Operations Ctr. at 734-3465.  If citizens need the assistance of the fire company for non emergency issues you are asked to call the station at 653-4518.    

With Hurricane Sandy predicted to hit the Mid Atlantic area; Delaware emergency management officials are urging the public to take this storm very seriously. Delaware Emergency Management Agency advises time is getting short “We want everyone to have food and water for at least three days, batteries for lights and radios and a means of charging cell phones.   Remember that part of your emergency plan is to have a destination in mind if you have to evacuate. If officials instruct you to evacuate please do so.  

 Additional things to consider in planning for an emergency include food and medications for those that might have special dietary or pharmaceutical needs and/or appropriate equipment for family members who might use assistive technology. Families also need to remember the needs of pets and stock adequate food and supplies as well as appropriate carriers or restraints should evacuation be required. Citizens should also secure loose objects around the outside of their homes. Gov. Markel has issued a limited state of emergency at this time and has ordered the evacuation of all area’s with ¾ mile of the shore. Stay turned for your local TV or radio for additional information.    Below is a list of area’s under the mandatory evacuation ordered by Gov. Markel   Sussex County Delaware Bay Communities: § Slaughter Beach § Prime Hook Beach §  Broadkill Beach § Lewes Beach, east of the Rehoboth Lewes canal   Sussex County Ocean Coastal Communities: § Areas within ¾ of a mile of the coast in the following communities - §  Henlopen Acres § Rehoboth Beach § Dewey Beach § North Bethany § Bethany Beach § South Bethany § Fenwick Island   Sussex County Inland Bay Communities § Areas surrounding the Rehoboth Bay, Indian River and Little Assawoman Bay § Flood-prone areas south of Route 24 (John J. Williams Highway) including Angola, Long Neck and Oak Orchard § Flood-prone areas along Route 26 (Vines Creek Road and Atlantic Avenue) § Flood-prone areas along Route 54 (Lighthouse Road)   Sussex County Western Communities § Flood-prone areas in close proximity to the Nanticoke and Broad Creek Rivers   Kent County Delaware Bay Communities: §  Woodland Beach- §  Pickering Beach, including any homes east of 799 Pickering Beach Rd §  Kitts Hummock Beach, and all addresses above 2123 Kitts Hummock Rd §  Bowers Beach, including any homes east of Old Bowers Rd §  South Bowers Beach §    [  more  ]  

Saturday, October 20, 2012 
A rainy Friday and early Saturday morning brought 4 calls. The first call came in Friday morning at 10:32 for an engine cover to New Castle County Sta 26. Engine 45-4 w/6, Lt. Chambers responded and stood by until 13:25. MOT units along with other mutual aid units were working a single family dwelling fire on Old School House Rd in the Middletown local. Clayton had 2 crews left back in the station while the engine transferred to Townsend.

Later Friday evening at 21:23 the station was dispatched for the Ladder Company to assist Kent County Maryland Sta 2 Millington on a house fire 201 Cypress St in Millington. As Quint 45 w/5, Past Chief Carrow were making the response Sta 45 units were cancelled. Clayton had 28 members respond on the call.

As soon as the members were getting ready to leave the station from the assist Sta 45, Rescue & Engine 43, Rescue 44, Sta 51 for the RIT & Air Unit, Amb. 64, and KM6 were dispatched at 21:37 for the possible working house fire at 143 E. Constitution Dr in Heritage Trace. With crews still in the station Command 45 w/Chief Johnson, Engine 45-3 w/ 6, Lt. Carrow, Quint 45 w/4, Past Chief Hurlock, Rescue 45 w/8, Lt. Chambers, Engine 45-4 w/8, Past Chief Whalen hit the street. Responding units were advised the caller was reporting their kitchen on fire. Command 45 arrived at 21:45 and reported light smoke in the residence. Engine 45-3 arrived secured a water supply and stretched a line. Crews found a fire on the stove top that had been knocked down by the home owner with an extinguisher. Quint 45 was assigned ventilation. Command placed the scene under control at 21:51. Chief Johnson had the Heritage Trace Command. The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 22:21. Clayton had 38 members respond on this call. Units responding; Command 45, Engines 45-3, 45-4, 43-2, 51-3, Quint 45, Rescues 45, 43, 44, Light & Air 51, B-64, KM6. 

The final call came in Saturday morning at 3:00 am for a MVC at Wheatley’s Pond Rd & Mt Friendship Rd. Command 45 w/ A/C Lucas, Rescue 45 w/6, Chief Johnson, Engine 45-4 w/7, Lt. Chambers, Brush 45 w/4 and A-64 arrived to find a single vehicle in the ditch with the operator out of the vehicle. Crews secured the vehicle while A-64 obtained a patient refusal. Crews cleared and were back in quarters at 03:42. A/C Lucas had the Wheatley’s Pond Road Command. Clayton had 27 members respond on the call. Units responding; Command 45, Rescue 45, Engine 45-4, Brush 45, A-64, CPD, SPD, DSP, Sta 45 fire police.    

143 E. Constitution Dr in Heritage Trace.
    143 E. Constitution Dr in Heritage Trace.
143 E. Constitution Dr in Heritage Trace.
    143 E. Constitution Dr in Heritage Trace.
Wednesday, October 17, 2012 
During the October county meeting held on Wednesday October 17, 2013 Clayton’s own John Pridemore was installed as President of the Kent County Firefighters Association.    President Pridemore will serve the county fireman until October 2013.  The installation was hosted by the Clayton Fire Company to honor Pres. Pridemore’s accomplishment.   About 150 firefighters attended the meeting and were served a great meal by the ladies Auxiliary of the Clayton Fire Co.  The new county officers were installed by Clayton Past Chief & Past DVFA President Kevin Wilson.  The new officers for 2012-2013 are;  President John M. Pridemore- Clayton, 1st Vice Pres. Harold K. Brode – Harrington (Harold is also a member  of Clayton), 2nd Vice Pres. Ken Rider – Felton, Secretary  Pablo Reyes Jr. – Harrington, Treasurer Robert Yerkes Jr. – Houston, Asst. Secretery Shirley Pennington – Bowers, Chaplain Blake Bowers-Smyrna, Directors Ronald Vincent – Farmington, Jeff Dennison - Bowers.  Also during the program outgoing President Steve White was recognized for his year in office.  The Officers and members of the company would like to congratulate John and all the incoming officers for their installation.  Clayton had 30 members attend the meeting to support Pres. Pridemore and the new officers.     

    2012-2013 COUNTY OFFICER
Saturday, October 13, 2012 
Saturday just before noon at 11:50 Sta 45 and Amb 64 were dispatched to the MVC at 2328 Longridge Rd. Command 45 w/ A/C Davis arrived at 12:00 and reported a single vehicle into a pole, he established Longridge Road Command. Engine 45-4 w/6, A/C Lucas and Engine 45-3 w/6, Lt. Chambers arrived and assisted EMS crews with packaging the patient. Command requested ALS and aviation upon his arrival. Ambulance A-64 transported the lone occupant to KGH with KM6A on board. Command placed the scene under control at 12:25. The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 12:45. Clayton had 25 members respond to the call. Units responding Command 45, Engines 45-3 & 45-4, A & B 64, KM6, Trooper 4, CPD, DSP, Sta 45 fire police.  

Thursday, October 11, 2012 
Thursday brought a morning and afternoon MVC. The first alarm came in at 10:02 for a MVC with rollover at 5840 Millington Rd. Engine 45-4 w/5, PC Hurlock and Engine 45-3 w/6, FF S. Davis arrived to find a single vehicle that had overturned several times before striking a pole, the lone occupant was outside the vehicle. Crews from the engines secured the vehicle and assisted ems crews with patient care. The patient was transported to KGH by B-64 w/KM6B. The scene was placed under control at 10:18. Past Chief Hurlock had the Millington Road Command. Units responding Engines 45-3, 45-4, B-64, KM6B, KM5, KM9, Trooper 4, Sta 45 Fire Police, CPD, DSP. Clayton had 18 members respond on the call.

The second MVC came in at 16:00 for a MVC at Main St & Bassett St. Engine 45-4 w/4, Lt. Carrow & Engine 45-3 w/6, Capt. Jones arrived to find a 2 vehicle MVC with the operator of the car still in the vehicle. With damage to the drivers side and the operator not able to get out of the vehicle on her own the crews from 45-4 & 45-3 went to work cribbing the vehicle and completed a complete removal of both drivers side doors along with the B-post on the vehicle. Extrication was completed in about 15 minutes. The driver and an occupant in the car were transported to KGH by B-64 & A51. Command placed the scene under control at 16:31. Lt. Carrow had the Main St Command. The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 16:39. Clayton had 20 members respond on the call. Units responding Engines 45-4, 45-3, B-64, A-51, Sta 45 fire police, CPD. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 
The October Company meeting was interrupted by 2 calls Tuesday night. Just as the president was getting ready to call the meeting to order the station along with Amb. 64, KM5, KM6, Trooper 4 were dispatched at 18:55 to a MVC with a subject struck by a Tractor Trailer in the area of 203 Daisy Rd. With crews in the station Command 45 w/Chief Johnson, Engine 45-3 w/8, Lt. Chambers, Engine 45-4 w/7, A/C Davis and Utility 45 w/5, FF Williams quickly hit the street and arrived to find a 52 year old male that had been struck by a Tractor trailer in a private driveway. The victim was pronounced DOA at the scene by EMS units. Chief Johnson had Daisy Rd Command. Engine 45-3 remained on scene for awhile to assist DSP with lighting for their investigation. The last Clayton unit was back in quarters at 20:01. Units responding Command 45, Engine 45-3, Engine 45-4, U-45, B-64, KM5, KM6, Sta 45 Fire Police, CPD, DSP. 

Just after the members had returned for the MVC and had returned to the meeting the station along with Ladder Company & Rescue 44 were dispatched at 20:41 for a house fire 28 Hawke Creek Dr. again with crews in the station units hit the street in seconds. Command 45 w/Chief Johnson, Engine 45-3 w/8, A/C Davis, Quint 45, w/6 A/C Lucas, Engine 45-4 w/8, PC Carrow, Utility 45 w/5, FF Tallhammer arrived to find a 2 ½ story SFD with smoke in the residence. The first engine secured a water supply and stretched a line, the crew from Quint 45 performed the searches and began throwing ground ladders, Engine 45-4 picked up the line to the first engine and staged their manpower along with the crews from U-45 & R44. Ladder 44 & Engine 44-4 assisted throwing ground ladders and began PPV. The crews located a small fire in a second floor bathroom that was quickly extinguished. Crews checked for extension but none was found. Fire damage was minor with moderate smoke in the rest of the residence. Chief Johnson had the Providence Crossing Command. The scene was placed under control at 20:51. The State Fire Marshall responded and is investigating. Units responding Command 45, engines 45-3, 45-4, 44-4, Quint 45, Ladder 44, Rescue 44, U-45, 45 & 44 Fire Police, FM28 (Brode). Clayton had 64 members attend both alarms.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
During the regular monthly meeting President Sawyer named Firefighter DJ Rigney as member of the month for September 2012. During the month of September DJ attended the following; 18 of 23 alarms, 2 Fund Raiser Events, 2 Misc Events, 3 Drills, 1 Uniform Event, 1 Company Meeting for a total of 38 points for the month. DJ has accumulated 258 points for the year 2012. Congratulations to DJ for his award and his dedication to the company.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 
The company tok part in one of their mamnatory structual fireifghting training at the DSFS.  Their was a large number of the new members that attended and had a chance to become familiar with the companies procedures in structural firefighting.

Monday, October 8, 2012 
The Bowers Fire Company will be holding a benefit Pulled Pork Dinner Fund Raiser for Chaplain Bill Downing. The Downing family has encountered difficult times from Rev Bill’s wife Marty’s illness. Rev Bill is the Chaplain of the Bowers Fire Company and is an Honorary Life Member of the Clayton Fire. He is also a former preacher of the Ewell St. Paul Church in Clayton. The public is encouraged to come out and support the Downing Family.  See attached flyer for information on the Bowers event.

Saturday, October 6, 2012 
Saturday morning as members were preparing to leave to attend the LODD funeral for Dagsboro Junior Firefighter Justin Townsend. The station was dispatched at 10:16 to assist Sta 43 Cheswold on a working house fire at 167 Main St in Cheswold. Command 43 arrived and reported a 2 ½ story SFD with heavy fire showing Divisions 1 & 2 on the Alpha side. With a crew in the station R-45 w/7, Lt. Carrow hit the street in a minute followed closely by 45-3 w/7, Past Chief Carrow. Upon arrival the rescue’s crew was assigned a primary search of the structure, and than assisted interior crews with opening up Division 2. The crew from 45-3 threw several ground ladders to the Alpha and Bravo side, checked the basement for extension and assisting interior crews. With fire on both floors and extending toward the attic crews on scene placed several hand lines in service and were able to bring the fire under control at 11:32. Ladder 44 opened up the roof and threw ladders on the Charlie & Delta side. Utility 45 w/5 responded later to bring additional manpower to the scene. The house received severe damage. Clayton units were back in quarters at 12:54. Clayton had 34 members respond on the call. Units responding Command 43, 43-2, 43-3, 43-4, R-43, B-43, L-44, 44-4, T-44, R-45, 45-3, U-45, R51-6, 46-3, Km9, SFO FM2, Sta 43,44, 45 Fire Police, Red Cross .  Special thanks to Townsend Engine 26-3 for covering our first due during the alarm.   Photo's courtesy of Mike O'Malley from CitiZens Hose Co.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 
Wednesday evening at 22:02 Sta 45 and Rescue 44 were dispatched for A commercial fire alarm at 281 School Ln in Clayton.   Command 45 w/ Chief Johnson arrived at 22:06 find a tall one story process facility not occupied with nothing evident. Engine 45-3 w/6, A/C Lucas and Quint 45 w/5, Lt. Chambers arrived behind the chief and were assigned the check the interior of the front building. Rescue 44 (who was replacing R-45 that was out of service) arrived and assigned to check the rear building. Crews check the interior and found a faulty detector. Command placed the scene under control at 22:17. engine 45-4 w/8, Lt. Carrow also responded but became out of service while responding and never arrived. The last units were back in quarters at 22:31. Clayton had 31 members respond on the call. Units responding Command 45, Engine 45-3, Engine 45-4, Quint 45, Rescue 44.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012 
During the first week of October the company held several fire prevention events to celebrate fire prevention week.  Along with the annual open house we also held several programs at Clayton Elementary School & Providence Creek Academy.  The company had about 8 members take part in the programs at the schools. 

Monday, October 1, 2012 
The company once again held a very successful open house with hundreds of people attending this years event.  At the open house there were 13 information booths and apparatus from over 13 fire companies.  the visitors were treated to free hot dogs anddrinks.  A very big thank you to everyone who helped and to te guests who attended in this years event.  During the Open House the station handled a outside gas leak at Wheatleys Pond Rd & School Ln, Engiens 45-3, 45-4, R-45 responded.  The company had 74 members help with putting on this years event.

Friday, September 28, 2012 
 Friday evening at 21:37 the station was requested for an engine and manpower to assist Sta 44 on a hazmat incident on Rt1 s/b n/o Exit 114. Citizens Hose Co. and several other neighboring companies had been on scene since 16:18 on a propane tractor trailer leaking. Crews on scene had been working into the evening to try to control the leaking propane truck which leaked several thousand gallons of product. The incident caused  major traffic problems in the Smyrna area all evening and into the overnight hours. The crew from Engine 45-4 w/7, Lt. Chambers arrived at 21:45 and assisted with manning hose lines while the tractor trailer was off loaded and then the remainder of the product was flared off. Engine 4 was back in quarters at 03:10. Units at the Rt1 scene 44-2, 44-4, R-44, T-44, 44-8, 44-0, 53-2, T-53, 43-2, 45-4, HAZMAT 30, DNREC, MD DNR, DSP, DELDOT, numerous fire police. The last fire units cleared the scene at 03:17, Rt1 was re-opened up close to 4:00am. While Sta 44 was committed on the Rt 1 incident Sta 45 also responded at 16:53 with Rescue 45/8, Lt Carrow & Engine 45-4 w/5, Lt. Chambers to assist Sta 44 on a MVC at 5632 DuPont Parkway and later with Quint 45 w/6, Chief Johnson, Engine 45-3 w/7, A/C Lucas, & Rescue 45 w/4, FF Hudson to assisted Sta 44 on a AFA at 655 W. Glenwwod Ave. Clayton had an average of 25 members respond on each of the calls.    

Thursday, September 27, 2012
The Officers and Members of the Clayton Fire Company send their thoughts and prayers to the Dagsboro Fire Company and the Justin Townsend family as they come to grips with the tragic events of Thursday evening. On Thursday Sept. 27, 2012, at approximately 5:12 pm, the Dagsboro Fire Company was dispatched to an outside fire.  While en route to the Dagsboro firehouse in a personal vehicle, 17-year-old junior firefighter Justin Townsend from the Dagsboro Fire Company was fatally injured in a motor vehicle crash on Pepper Road. The Dagsboro Fire Company calls are currently being handled by mutual aid companies while they deal with their loss. We ask that all please keep the Dagsboro Fire Company in the Townsend family in your thoughts and prayers.  

September 29, 2012



It is with sincere sadness that the DVFA President Charles Boyer announces the arrangements for Dagsboro Firefighter Justin Townsend who was killed in the line of duty on September 27, 2012.


The viewing will be on Friday, October 5, 2012, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Dagsboro Fire Station #73 in Dagsboro, Delaware


The funeral service will be on Saturday, October 6, 2012, at the Indian River High School starting at 1:00 p.m.  Prior to the service will be visitation from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Interment will be at Redman Cemetery on Iron Gates Road.


The Dagsboro Fire Company is asking for anyone who would be available to serve as an honor guard during the viewing and the funeral service please contact Sussex EOC at 302-855-7801.  In addition, any company who could provide a passenger van and a driver for the Friday evening viewing to also contact Sussex EOC at the same number.  Thank you,


Warren Jones

DVFA Office



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